Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will the lawnmowing cost?
A: That depends on the level of service you want, the size of your lawn and the difficulty of mowing it (are there trees or stumps all over it / is it flat or does it slope?). Whatever level of service you choose, I’ll do my best for you and your lawn.

Q: How can the cost of lawn mowing be reduced?
A: I can zip around your place doing just enough to keep your lawns under control. No neat edges, for example. That would save you money, and you may decide that's enough if you’re a landlord or a tenant.
A mid-range price could involve me cutting the lawns more regularly, doing the edges and blowing the pathways and driveway clear.
With hedges or other trimming work, I’m very happy to pick up all the snipped bits and take them away, but you’ll save money if you do that part.

Q: How often should lawns be done?
A: It depends on the time of year, how great you want your lawns to look and how much money you want to spend. At some times of year grass grows crazy-quick. Then it slows down. We can adjust the schedule to suit.

Q: Should lawn clippings be mulched or caught?
A: Mulching is healthier for your lawn and it’s cheaper for you because it takes me less time. It leaves a fine layer of nutritious clippings on/in your lawn, and if we keep your lawns tidy you may not even notice the mulchings. When I switched from catching my clippings at home to mulching, I hardly noticed the clippings on the lawn because I keep the grass reasonably short.

Q: Will the lawn clippings be taken away?
A: If you decide you'd like your clippings caught I’ll get rid of them however you like. Except if you ask me to chuck them over your neighbour’s fence. That wouldn't be kind  :-)

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